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AutoNation Batteries - Built to Last a Lifetime

AutoNation brings a complete line of premium car batteries to Columbus that provide lasting peace of mind. The AutoNation Precision Parts Lifetime Battery comes with a lifetime warranty that you can pick up at any AutoNation dealership to ensure you never have to worry about your car's battery again. With the Lifetime option, should you ever need to have your battery replaced, we'll replace it out-at no cost to you. Expert installation, battery replacement service, and warranties are available with all of our batteries. Have your battery tested and replaced at ANY AutoNation dealership today.

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Cargo Liners - Thwart Spills & Damage
Protect trunk and cargo area with custom-fit cargo liners to help protect your investment and preserve its interior, with a raised lip to deter seepage from spills.                                                                                                                                               
BumpStep® - Hoist & Protect 
BumpStep is a hitch-mounted step that also offers bumper protection from dents and scratches and can support up to 300 lbs.          
TechShade® - Protection From the Elements
Custom-fit window shade that keeps the inside of your car cool in hot climates and warm in cold climates, and deters frost buildup during extreme weather.   

Auto Gear for All Extremes

CargoTech® - Secure Your Belongings
Super-grip CargoTech anchors your cargo in place-from groceries, to luggage, athletic gear, to fragile parcels, CargoTech keeps it all locked down.                                                                                                                
Side Window Deflectors - Keeps the Rain Out & Fresh Air In
Custom-fit to your window, keeps rain and debris out, reduces outside noise. Keep your window cracked in all climates.                                                   
All-Weather Floor Mats - Keep Your Floor Spotless
Keep your floors clean by trapping liquid, dirt and debris - tough enough to withstand the most extreme climates.